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Canada is committed to providing reunification through Family Class Immigration and has one of the most generous family reunification programs in the developed world.  The Government is also committed to keeping families together whenever possible, and prioritizes the processing of sponsorship applications.   Eligible sponsors have the ability to reunite with spouses, partners, parents, grandparents or adopted children.  

Family Sponsorship

Under this stream, Canadian sponsors can apply to reunite with their spouses or partners, parents, grandparents, adopted children or other eligible relatives in Canada.  


This stream is applicable for all sponsored applicants residing outside of Canada at the time of application.  Recently, CIC has made many changes to sponsorship rules which apply to both the sponsor and the sponsored immigrant in order to avoid immigration fraud.  Be sure to be educated on all new laws that apply before entering into a sponsorship agreement.

In-Canada Spousal Class

Applicants who have temporary resident status in Canada, are the spouse or common-law partner of a Canadian sponsor, are currently residing with that sponsor and are subject of a sponsorship application are considered members of this class.   Applicants must meet minimum residency criteria to be eligible.


There have been many changes to the requirements sponsors must meet in order to be eligible.  Be sure to know of all new regulations and avoid any difficulties in the future.  Know exactly what your responsibilities are and the duration for which they apply.  Not only do sponsors have to meet financial obligations, they must also meet other regulations to ensure the integrity of the system.  
Knowing exactly what the responsibilities of a sponsor are will help with any future undertakings.

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